Gruppenausstellung "zu Tisch" im Vögele Kulturzentrum, Schweiz

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"Show me your fridge" in der Gruppenausstellung "zu Tisch" im Vögele Kulturzentrum, Schweiz

"zu Tisch" - Unsere Ernährung: Lust, Druck und Verantwortung

We all eat. Alone, at the family table, or in the canteen. We eat to survive, but also for the pleasure of companionship, or to satisfy our cravings. Eating rituals are deeply rooted in our culture and determine the rhythm of daily life. Through eating, we get to know each other and, thus, get to exchange with one another. Along the way we negotiate the world and practice empathy. Food, however, also poses a variety of social challenges. After all, what we eat is by no means just a matter of taste, but also one of responsibility. Eating habits determine not only the health of our own body, but also that of the planet. Nutrition is the biggest social project of our time, now and in the future. The exhibition "zu Tisch" (‘Come Dine with Us’) presents the latest facts about nutrition, dispels persistent myths, and encourages reflection and further thinking: Who eats how much and why? Where does our food come from? And are there recipes for sustainable nutrition in the future?

Text credits: Vögele Kulturzentrum
Image credits: Vögele Kulturzentrum and Katharina-Wernli

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